Hailun Xia

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This paper addresses the cross-tier interference mitigation problem using power allocation in two-tier OFDMA femtocell networks. We formulate the power allocation problem as a dual-utility hierarchical (Stackelberg) game with a leader-follower approach. The leaders (macrocells) foresight the response of followers (femtocells), and maximize their individual(More)
This paper addresses how to improve the energy efficiency of two-tier OFDMA femtocell networks using power control. Firstly, the energy efficiencies of two typical power control methods are analyzed, including fixed power setting (FPS) and minimum power consumption (MPC) methods. Then a distributed maximum energy efficiency (MEE) method is proposed. Each(More)
In IEEE802.11-based wireless multi-hop Ad hoc networks nodes need to contend for the shared wireless channel, which could result in congestions and waste the limited wireless bandwidth resource. A novel adaptive backoff algorithm based on network congestion-NCBAB (Network-Congestion Based Adaptive Backoff) in media access control (MAC) layer is proposed. In(More)