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English Teachers’ Preferences of Professional Development Activities in Four Secondary Schools of Gurage Zone
The purpose of this study was to assess EFL teachers‟ preferences of Professional Development activities. To achieve this, descriptive survey design with both quantitative and qualitative approachExpand
Investigating the Model for Non-native EFL Teachers ’ Education Program : the Case of Selected Primary teacher Education Colleges in SNNPR
The objectives of this study was to investigate the model currently at work for preparing primary school EFL teachers and the knowledge base that can respond to teachers‟ pedagogical skills inExpand
Improving English Language Skills and Methods through Short Term Trainings: Bridging High School and University Teachers
The purpose of this article was to show how universities can make interventions in improving the classroom practices of high schools and preparatory schools English language teachers. The dataExpand
Gender and Linguistic Proficiency in Mother Tongue and a Foreign Language: A study on English proficiency of Sidamuafo speakers in Sidama Zone
Gender and linguistic proficiency in mother tongue and a foreign language was aimed at finding out whether there is a significant difference in linguistic proficiency in a first language and aExpand