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Boletus roseoflavus is described as a new species based on morphological and molecular studies of the type collection and additional materials. Boletus roseoflavus is morphologically distinct from other related species (B. regius, B. appendiculatus, and B. speciosus) by its light pink, pink, or rosy pileus, lemon yellow or golden yellow context, and lemon(More)
A tele-operation robotic system using bilateral control is useful for performing restoration in damaged areas, and also in extreme environments such as space, the seabed and deep underground. The system consists of an excavator as the construction robot, and two joysticks for operating the robot from a safe place. Operator needs to feel a realistic sense of(More)
The preinfection stage of establishment of the mycorrhiza before physical contact between symbionts is crucial, as changes that occur throughout mycorrhiza formation are set in motion at this time. To improve the understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the fungus Pisolithus tinctorius during its interaction with its symbiotic partner Pinus(More)
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