Hailong Qian

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An organic-inorganic hybrid monolithic column based on 1-vinyl-3-dodecylimidazolium bromide (VC12Im(+)Br(-)) has been prepared in a single step by combining radical copolymerization with a non-hydrolytic sol-gel (NHSG) process. The NHSG process was significantly shortened to 6 h by using formic acid as catalyst. For comparison, we also prepared polymeric(More)
Triangular meshes often contain a few salient features. Traditional deformation algorithms mainly preserve the local details and volume, thus producing unnatural results. This paper proposes a robust and effective algorithm to prevent the distortion of salient features. Firstly, the salient features can be automatically extracted through saliency-based(More)
A facile and efficient molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) recognition element of electrochemical sensor was fabricated by directly electro-polymerizing monomer o-phenylenediamine (oPD) in the presence of template quinoxaline-2-carboxylic acid (QCA), based on one-step controllable electrochemical modification of poly(pyrrole)-graphene oxide-binuclear(More)
The hypothesis that New Zealand 90-day bank bill futures rates are an unbiased predictor of 90-day bank bill rates is tested by applying the single-equation method of Stock and Watson (1993) to quarterly data from 1989 to 1997. The results do not reject the unbiasedness hypothesis for the one and two-quarter-ahead horizons tested. However, the estimated(More)
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