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In this paper, we present an interference model for cognitive radio (CR) networks employing power control, contention control or hybrid power/contention control schemes. For the first case, a power control scheme is proposed to govern the transmission power of a CR node. For the second one, a contention control scheme at the media access control (MAC)(More)
The algorithms of weighted association rules mining and weights confirming were studied in alarm correlation analysis. A novel method named Neural Network based WFP-Tree (NNWFP) for mining association rules was proposed. NNWFP differs from the classical weighted association rules mining algorithm MINWAL (O). It is an efficient algorithm based on weighted(More)
In this paper, we propose a game-theoretic power control algorithm to minimize the total power consumption in a cooperative communication network that transmits information from multiple sources to a destination via multiple relays to save energy and improve communication performance. Under the amplify-and-forward relaying scheme, the proposed approach not(More)
For the application of LDPC in relay channel, a new matrix construction method for LDPC code is presented. The parity bits generated by the relay node are viewed as part of the whole code in the destination thus can be transmitted directory to the destination without the second coding process. The destination decodes the messages from both the source and(More)
With the flourishing of wireless information access, indoor positioning is becoming a topic of interest in both academic and industry community. Numerous techniques have been proposed to address this problem under diverse circumstances. Recently, the area of indoor positioning is dominated by three kinds of methodologies, such as range-based positioning,(More)
Space-time block codes (STBCs) are known to orthogonalize the multiple-input multiple-out (MIMO) wireless channels. In this paper, we study the capacity of STBCs over Weibull MIMO channels under three adaptive transmission techniques: optimal power and rate adaptation (orpa), optimal rate adaptation with constant transmit power (ora) and channel inversion(More)