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The problem of origination and diversification of integument derivatives in vertebrates is still a challenge. The homeobox (Hox) genes Hoxc13 control integument formation in vertebrate. Hoxc13 show strong expression in the integument development, are highly conserved across vertebrates, and show mutations that are associated with skin and appendages. To(More)
Stimulated by retinoic acid 6 (STRA6) is the receptor for retinol binding protein and is relevant for the transport of retinol to specific sites such as the eye. The adaptive evolution mechanism that vertebrates have occupied nearly every habitat available on earth and adopted various lifestyles associated with different light conditions and visual(More)
Legacy effects are the ecological inheritances produced by preceding actions, which have been underlined more on agricultural land use, wildfire, invasive and removal species, forest management, and extreme climates in previous research; however, very few studies have shown concern toward the grazing legacy effects on key ecosystem functions such as the(More)
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