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T-cell receptor (TCR)-mediated cross-recognition is a major mechanism in the pathogenesis of drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS) syndrome. However, the characteristics of the TCR repertoire and the clinical significance of repertoire reformation throughout the course of DRESS are unknown. Here, we isolated CD4(+) and CD8(+) T-cells(More)
Industrialization and urbanization have led to increasingly serious levels of atmospheric heavy metal pollution, which is one of the main sources of heavy metals to terrestrial ecosystems. Therefore, it is essential to quantify atmospheric fluxes and explore their potential effects on natural ecosystems and human welfare. We monitored water-soluble heavy(More)
Phytoestrogen has previously been proposed as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Hispolon has been found to have phytoestrogenic properties. However, the possible effects of hispolon on estrogen receptors and other related molecules remain to be determined. This study was performed mainly to confirm the estrogenic function of hispolon as it(More)
Cyclin G1 protein is expressed in normal endometrial epithelial cells in a progesterone-dependent manner. It is an important mediator of the inhibiting effect of progesterone on cell proliferation. Moreover, the expression of cyclin G1 is also found to be decreased in human endometrial carcinoma cells (ECCs). To study the mechanism of decrease in the(More)
Homeostatic maintenance of T cells with broad clonal diversity is influenced by both continuing output of young T cells from the thymus and ongoing turnover of preexisting clones in the periphery. In the absence of infection, self and commensal antigens are thought to play important roles in selection and homeostatic maintenance of the T-cell pool. Most(More)
Atmospheric acid deposition is a global environmental issue. China has been experiencing serious acid deposition, which is anticipated to become more severe with the country's economic development and increasing consumption of fossil fuels in recent decades. We explored the spatiotemporal variations of acid deposition (wet acid deposition) and its(More)
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