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BACKGROUND Streptococcus suis serotype 2 (S. suis 2, SS2) is a major zoonotic pathogen that causes only sporadic cases of meningitis and sepsis in humans. Most if not all cases of Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS) that have been well-documented to date were associated with the non-SS2 group A streptococcus (GAS). However, a recent large-scale(More)
Hiding capacity is very important for efficient covert communications. For JPEG2000 compressed images, it is necessary to enlarge the hiding capacity because the available redundancy is very limited. In addition, the bitstream truncation makes it difficult to hide information. In this paper, a high-capacity steganography scheme is proposed for the JPEG2000(More)
Little is known about the effects of successful treatment on brain function in chronic pain. This study examined changes in pain-evoked brain activation following behavioral extinction training in fibromyalgia patients. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, brain activation to painful mechanical stimuli applied to the 2nd phalanx of the left 2nd(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients with chronic low back pain (cLBP) have high rates of comorbid psychiatric disorders, mainly depression. Recent evidence suggests that depressive symptoms and pain, as interacting factors, have an effect on the circulating levels of inflammatory markers relevant to coronary artery disease. Our previous work showed a higher serum level(More)
INTRODUCTION Our previous work showed higher tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-α levels in patients with chronic low back pain (cLBP) compared to healthy controls. However, patients with depression as a comorbidity did not have higher TNF-α levels in comparison to patients without depression. In this study we investigated the influence of depression on therapy(More)
In this paper, we make some analysis on the FitzHugh-Nagumo model and improve it to build a neural network, and the network is used to implement visual selection and attention shifting. Each group of neurons representing one object of a visual input is synchronized; different groups of neurons representing different objects of a visual input are(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term opioid treatment has been used extensively in treatment of chronic low back pain (cLBP) in the last decades. However, there are serious limitations to the long-term efficacy of opioids and related side effects. OBJECTIVES In this study we investigated whether long-term opioid treatment changes pain sensitivity of patients with cLBP.(More)
OBJECTIVES Adenomatous polyps are precursors of colorectal cancer; their detection and removal is the goal of colon cancer screening programs. However, fecal-based methods identify patients with adenomatous polyps with low levels of sensitivity. The aim or this study was to develop a highly accurate, prototypic, proof-of-concept, spot urine-based diagnostic(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Pain sensitization may be one of the reasons for persistent pain after technically successful joint replacement. We analyzed how pain sensitization, as measured by quantitative sensory testing, relates preoperatively to joint function in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) scheduled for joint replacement. PATIENTS AND METHODS We(More)