Hailang Zhou

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To assess the role of hepatocyte nuclear factor-3beta (HNF-3beta) in hepatocyte-specific gene transcription, we reported the characterization of the liver phenotype with transgenic mice in which the -3-kb transthyretin (TTR) promoter functioned to increase HNF-3beta expression. During breeding of the TTR-HNF-3beta transgenic mice we noticed that they(More)
Although the function of miR-200a has been discussed in many cancers and fibrotic diseases, its role in pancreatic fibrosis is still poorly understood. In this study, we for the first time confirm that miR-200a attenuates TGF-β1-induced pancreatic stellate cells activation and extracellular matrix formation. First, we find that TGF-β1 induces activation and(More)
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