Hailan Shen

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Considering the time constraint, influence maximization with time constraint (IMTC) is a problem of identifying several maximum influential individuals as seed nodes who will influence others and lead to the largest number of adoption in an expected sense. Associated with probabilities of events and the radio of information gain, we propose an optimized(More)
Skyline query is a typical multi-attributes query and very useful in sensor networks application including environment monitoring, etc. This paper defines location-based skyline queries in wireless sensor networks and proposes an energy-efficient snapshot location-based skyline query processing approach (Ring-Skyline, RS). RS divides the monitoring area(More)
This paper focuses on top-k query in wireless sensor networks and proposes a semi-supervised top-k query approach called CAV. Based on a spanning tree model, CAV adopts histogram technique and an aggregate-verify mechanism to guide query and filter the useless sensing data so as to reduce energy consumption. Besides, this paper further proposes two(More)
The lamina cribrosa is affected by intraocular pressure, which is the major risk of glaucoma. However, the capability to evaluate the lamina cribrosa in vivo has been limited until recently due to poor image quality and the posterior laminar displacement of glaucomatous eyes. In this study, we propose an automatic method to measure the anterior lamina(More)
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