Haike Reznik Wolf

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PURPOSE To identify the genetic defect associated with keratoconus (KC) in an Ashkenazi Jewish family and to evaluate its nature and its phenotypic expression within carriers. METHODS A three generation Ashkenazi Jewish family with KC was ascertained. Diagnosis was based on clinical examination and corneal topography. Segregation analysis was performed(More)
Continuously measured oxygen uptake during constant work exercise (15' 50W) reveals increasing oxygen consumption in individuals with elevated blood viscosity parameters, indicating persistent contribution of anaerobic glycolysis during steady state exercise far below expected "anaerobic threshold". Improvement of viscosity parameters by prostaglandin(More)
Abnormal differentiation of the renal stem/progenitor pool into kidney tissue can lead to renal hypodysplasia (RHD), but the underlying causes of RHD are not well understood. In this multicenter study, we identified 20 Israeli pedigrees with isolated familial, nonsyndromic RHD and screened for mutations in candidate genes involved in kidney development,(More)
Genetic screening to identify carriers of autosomal recessive diseases has become an integral part of routine prenatal care. In spite of the rapid growth of known mutations, most current screening programs include only a small subset of these mutations, and are performed using diverse molecular techniques, which are generally labor-intensive and time(More)
The adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is not confined only to late shock states but is a typical finding in intoxications with such oxidizing agents as O3, NO2, chlorate, or paraquat. Under experimental conditions, alpha-tocopherol in a high enteric dosage (2 x 50 mg/kg) was able to prevent alterations of pulmonary surface tension parameters (p(More)
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