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—The data warehouse is subject oriented, integrated, nonvolatile and time-varying data sets, which is used to support management decision-making. A data warehouse stores materialized views of data from one or more sources, with the purpose of efficiently implementing Decision-support or OLAP queries. One of the most important decisions in designing a data(More)
A large number of materialized views are stored in data warehouse to enable users to quickly get search results for OLAP analysis. But when the remote basic data source changes, the materialized views in data warehouse are also updated correspondingly in order to maintain the consistency with basic relations, which causes materialized views maintenance(More)
The Internet is playing an increasingly crucial role in both personal and business activities. Handling link failures is an important task in designing routing protocols. To enhance the network availability without incurring significant extra overhead, we propose a novel link protection algorithm, Hybrid Link Protection Scheme (HLP) to achieve failure(More)
The diversity of quality-of-service (QoS) requirements of Internet applications motivates various QoS routing algorithms that take different QoSmetrics into consideration. Routing algebra has been proposed as a framework to study the fundamental properties of QoS routing algorithms, such as their optimality and loopfreeness. However, for multipath QoS(More)
High reliability is always pursued by network designers. Multipath routing can provide multiple paths for transmission and failover, and is considered to be effective in the improvement of the network reliability. However, existing multipath routing algorithms focus on how to find as many paths as possible, rather than their computation or communication(More)
Current intra-domain routing protocols computes only shortest paths for any pair of nodes which cannot provide good fast reroute when network failures occur. Multipath routing can be fundamentally more efficient than the currently used single path routing protocols. It can significantly reduce congestion in network by shifting traffic to unused network(More)
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