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To determine the complication rate of cerebral angiography and to identify variables associated with angiograms positive for vasculitis, we retrospectively evaluated 125 consecutive patients who had angiography because of possible central nervous system (CNS) vasculitis. Sixteen of 125 (12.8%) had angiograms positive for CNS vasculitis. Fourteen (11.5%)(More)
OBJECTIVE Pap smear frequency remains controversial, especially for women with consecutive negative smears. We undertook the current study to ascertain the association of high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) and prior abnormal Paps. STUDY DESIGN Women with biopsy-proven HSIL (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2 and 3) diagnosed between(More)
The present study aims to assess the efficacy and safety of ultrasound-guided percutaneous microwave ablation (MWA) for hepatic alveolar echinococcosis (HAE) preliminarily.Seventeen patients diagnosed to HAE and treated with MWA (80 watts, 4 min) were retrospectively analyzed. The upper abdominal computed tomography (CT) was performed at 1, 6, 12 months(More)
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