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With the explosive growth of multimedia data such as unlabeled images on the Web, image auto-annotation has been receiving increasing research interest. By automatically assigning a set of concepts to unlabeled images, image retrieval can be performed over labeled concepts. Most existing studies focus on the relations between images and concepts, and ignore(More)
Recent years have witnessed phenomenal growth in the number of internet multimedia documents, such as un-annotated scene images. Image concept detection is an important step for image query. In this paper, we tackle the problem of image concept detection, namely automatically detecting concepts in an un-annotated image. In fact, a scene image always(More)
Multi-concept image query is a multi-label classification challenge. Traditional query methods focus on single concept query, and only use image visual data without considering the associated textual tag data. In this work, we address the problem of bimodal multi-concept image query, namely retrieving bimodal images with multiple target concepts from the(More)
With the rapid development of future network, there has been an explosive growth in multimedia data such as web images. Hence, an efficient image retrieval engine is necessary. Previous studies concentrate on the single concept image retrieval, which has limited practical usability. In practice, users always employ an Internet image retrieval system with(More)
Parking cars in a crowded parking lot is nontrivial for many drivers. Car cameras have been used extensively to assist parking. However, due to the limitation of the Angle of View (AoV), dead zone still exists. In this paper, we give the design of a panorama parking system based on DM6437. Our system captures videos around a car through four wide-angle(More)
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