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MXene molecular sieving membranes for highly efficient gas separation
Molecular sieving membranes with sufficient and uniform nanochannels that break the permeability-selectivity trade-off are desirable for energy-efficient gas separation, and the arisingExpand
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Role of an additive in retarding coal oxidation at moderate temperatures
The impact of an additive on coal oxidation process is studied from the mechanistic perspective, aiming at development of a guideline in search of effective inhibitors for controlling the coalExpand
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Analysis on the Governing Reactions in Coal Oxidation at Temperatures up to 400°C
The present study aims to further understanding of the principal reactions that occur during coal oxidation at moderate temperatures. Mass change and heat evolution of a sample were monitored byExpand
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In Silico Screening of Potential Spike Glycoprotein Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 with Drug Repurposing Strategy
To select potential molecules that can target viral spike proteins, which may potentially interrupt the interaction between the human angiotension-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor and viral spikeExpand
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In situ supramolecular polymerization-enhanced self-assembly of polymer vesicles for highly efficient photothermal therapy
Vesicular photothermal therapy agents (PTAs) are highly desirable in photothermal therapy (PTT) for their excellent light-harvesting ability and versatile hollow compartments. However, up to now, theExpand
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Examination of Co2, Co, and H2O formation during low-temperature oxidation of a bituminous coal
This paper reports results from an experimental study on low-temperature oxidation of a bituminous coal in an isothermal flow reactor. The rates of consumption of oxygen and the formation of carbonExpand
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Pathways for production of CO2 and CO in low-temperature oxidation of coal
Oxidation of a bituminous coal has been studied using an isothermal flow reactor operated at temperatures between 60 and 90 °C, and packed with coal particles smaller than 853 μm in diameter. TheExpand
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First-principles studies on adsorbate-induced faceting ofRe(112¯1)
Faceted metal surfaces are interesting model systems for studying structural sensitivity and size effects in catalytic reactions.1–3 Re has mainly been used in the aircraft industry and as catalystExpand
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Combustion kinetics of asphalt binder components and the release processes of gaseous products
Abstract To better understand thermal behaviors, combustion kinetic characteristics and dynamic releasing processes of gaseous products of four components separated from asphalt binder,Expand
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Experimental study on low-temperature oxidation of an Australian coal
Low-temperature oxidation of an Australian coal is examined in an isothermal flow reactor, operated at atmospheric pressure and 50 °C. Strong dependence of the rates of consumption of oxygen and theExpand
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