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Coal oxidation at low temperatures: oxygen consumption, oxidation products, reaction mechanism and kinetic modelling
Coal oxidation at low temperatures (i.e. <100 °C) is the major heat source responsible for the self-heating and spontaneous combustion of coal and is an important source of greenhouse gas emissions.Expand
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Potential of ketamine and midazolam, individually or in combination, to induce apoptotic neurodegeneration in the infant mouse brain
Recently, it was reported that anesthetizing infant rats for 6 h with a combination of anesthetic drugs (midazolam, nitrous oxide, isoflurane) caused widespread apoptotic neurodegeneration in theExpand
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Lithium Protects against Anesthesia-induced Developmental Neuroapoptosis
Background:Ethanol and anesthetic drugs trigger neuroapoptosis in the developing mouse brain. Recently, it was found that ethanol-induced neuroapoptosis is preceded by suppressed phosphorylation ofExpand
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Analysis of the mechanism of the low-temperature oxidation of coal
The mechanism of the oxidation of coal at low temperatures, i.e., below 100°C, was examined using measurements of the gases emitted from a bed of coal in an isothermal flow reactor. Employing anExpand
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Kinetic modeling of low-temperature oxidation of coal
A kinetic model has been developed for determining the rate of oxygen consumption and production of carbon oxides during the oxidation of coal at low temperatures (i.e. <100°C), based on currentExpand
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Low-temperature oxidation of coal at elevated pressures
A mathematical model is presented to describe steady-state mass transfer and oxidation processes in coal at low temperatures in a fixed-bed flow reactor. The model incorporates the effects of partialExpand
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A Two-Dimensional Lamellar Membrane: MXene Nanosheet Stacks.
Two-dimensional (2D) materials are promising candidates for advanced water purification membranes. A new kind of lamellar membrane is based on a stack of 2D MXene nanosheets. Starting from compactExpand
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