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Manipulation of inorganic materials with organic macromolecules enables organisms to create biominerals such as bones and seashells, where occlusion of biomacromolecules within individual crystals generates superior mechanical properties. Current understanding of this process largely comes from studying the entrapment of micron-size particles in cooling(More)
BACKGROUND The reduced concentration of stratospheric ozone results in an increased flux of biologically damaging mid-ultraviolet radiation (UVB, 280 to 320 nm) reaching earth surfaces. Environmentally relevant levels of UVB negatively impact various natural populations of marine organisms, which is ascribed to suppressed embryonic development by increased(More)
  • Hu Jianhua, Haihua Pan, Grosz, Weinstein Joshi
  • 2006
In this paper we will investigate the centering theory proposed and argue that their theory needs to be further extended and revised. We show that the centering theory proposed by GJW and WJP would make wrong predictions about the preferred transition states in discourse processing since their backward-looking center (Cb) is not primitive and thus cannot be(More)
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