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A novel procedure is proposed to calibrate a structured light 3D vision measuring system. Firstly, robust subpixel and substripe calibration methods are proposed for the camera and the projector. Secondly, a novel approach is introduced to solve the nature restriction of the structure light system: the calibration of the camera and the project is restricted(More)
A novel, easy and efficient 3D reconstruction model is presented in this paper. At first, according to triangle measurement principle, a new 3D measurement model which is based of a camera and a projector is developed. Then, an easy and efficient projectorpsilas mathematics model is deduced, on basics of the mathematics model for the camera and the results(More)
In order to economize the labor time and increase the accuracy of dental restoration, an automated CAM system for NC tool path planning and generation is developed in this work. Compared with traditional methods, the proposed automated CAM system brings in a novel algorithm for model machining boundary extraction, an algorithm for multi-model path planning(More)
This paper presents a digital method to quantitatively analyze occlusion and equilibrium by using the balance of occlusal force (BOOF) model. The occlusal relationship is recovered by the registration between computed tomography digital models and dental cast digital models. Based on the BOOF model established according to occlusal contact information and(More)
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