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Power devices based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) have better performances than its silicon counter-parts on the switch level. This paper describes the current state of the art of SiC devices briefly. Then the applications of SiC devices in several typical applications are given. And the hinder to the broader implementation of SiC devices are discussed. Finally,(More)
The SiC MOSFETs are finding their niche in 1 kV range, which is currently dominated by Si IGBTs. Thus, the frequencies of power converters could be increased remarkably and the power density could be higher. The gate driver for SiC MOSFET would affect the performance significantly, and a direct transplant of gate driver for Si MOSFET would not be reliable(More)
SiC device technology has gained much progress. However the advantages of the device level have not been clearly shown in a power conversion circuit. The purpose of this work is to apply the SiC device in a Buck converter and to evaluate the MOSFETs' driving performance and switching losses for high switching frequency operation. The analysis is verified by(More)
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