Haiguang Xiao

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Dipivaloyl-5-carboxyfluorescein N-hydroxysuccinimidyl ester 1 and 5-propargylamino-2',3'-dideoxyuridine triphosphate 5 were modified with maleimide, haloacetamide, and sulfhydryl reactive functional groups to participate in cross-conjugation reactions via sulfide bonds to generate fluorescently labeled, thioether cross-conjugated terminators 10 and 11.(More)
A series of charge-modified, dye-labeled 2', 3'-dideoxynucleoside-5'-triphosphates have been synthesized and evaluated as reagents for dye-terminator DNA sequencing. Unlike the commonly used dye-labeled terminators, these terminators possess a net positive charge and migrate in the opposite direction to dye-labeled Sanger fragments during electrophoresis.(More)
A novel series of charge-modified, dye-labeled 2',3'-dideoxynucleoside-triphosphate terminators were synthesized and evaluated as reagents for DNA sequencing. These terminators possess an advantage over existing reagents in that no purification is required to remove unreacted nucleotide or associated breakdown products prior to electrophoretic separation of(More)
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) dye labeled cassettes and terminators with one or more donor dyes (fluorescein) and acceptor dye (rhodamine dyes) with benzofuran or tyrosine linker moieties were synthesized. These terminators were evaluated for their energy transfer and DNA sequencing potential using thermostable DNA polymerase.
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