Haifeng Shang

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During the last few years, fluorescence activated cell sorter has played an important role in a variety of biological investigations as well as clinical diagnostics. However, the conventional fluorescence activated cell sorter has several limitations, such as large size, large sample volumes required for operation, and high cost. In this paper, we present a(More)
This paper focuses on the 2D incompressible Boussinesq equations with fractional dissipation, given by Λαu in the velocity equation and by Λβθ in the temperature equation, where Λ= √−Δ denotes the Zygmund operator. Due to the vortex stretching and the lack of sufficient dissipation, the global regularity problem for the supercritical regime α+β<1 remains an(More)
View-Oriented Parallel Programming(VOPP) is a novel programming style based on Distributed Shared Memory, which is friendly and easy for programmers to use. In this paper we compare VOPP with two other systems for parallel programming on clusters: LAM/MPI, a message passing system, and TreadMarks, a software distributed shared memory system. We present(More)
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