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A comparative analysis of gene expression profiles between early and advanced carotid atherosclerotic plaque was performed to identify key genes and pathways involved in the progression of carotid atherosclerotic plaque. Gene expression data set GSE28829 was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus, including 13 early and 16 advanced atherosclerotic plaque(More)
In Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks (R-WSNs), in order to achieve the maximum data collection rate it is critical that sensors operate in very low duty cycles because of the sporadic availability of energy. A sensor has to stay in a dormant state in most of the time in order to recharge the battery and use the energy prudently. In addition, a sensor(More)
In order to evaluate the accuracy of a numerical control machine tool comprehensively, the accuracy evaluation index system of a numerical control machine tool was established, and the priorities of accuracy indexes were determined by analytic hierarchy process method. Taking a five-axis numerical control machine tool for example, each accuracy index of it(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o In this paper, a routing protocol for k-anycast communication based upon the anycast tree scheme is proposed for wireless sensor networks. Multiple-metrics are utilized for instructing the route discovery. A source initiates to create a spanning tree reaching any one sink with source node as the root. Subsequently, we introduce three(More)
The accumulator can store the energy in high capacity, and the super capacitor can charge and discharge in high power. The mixed power source composed by the accumulator and super capacitor not only has the characteristics for both of them but also meets the high-power requirement of high capacity and peak value. How to perform the equalizing charging for(More)
We explored the association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in ACYP2 and liver cancer risk. Thirteen SNPs were genotyped in 473 cases and 564 controls. Genetic model, linkage disequilibrium, and haplotype analyses were performed to evaluate the association between ACPY2 SNPs and liver cancer risk. We found that rs6713088 (G allele: odds ratio(More)