Haifeng Fang

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A cloud computing provider can dynamically allocate virtual machines (VM) based on the needs of the customers, while maintaining the privileged access to the Management Virtual Machine that directly manages the hardware and supports the guest VMs. The customers must trust the cloud providers to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their applications(More)
In virtualized environments, the customers who purchase virtual machines (VMs) from a third-party cloud would expect that their VMs run in an isolated manner. However, the performance of a VM can be negatively affected by co-resident VMs. In this paper, we propose vExplorer, a distributed VM I/O performance measurement and analysis framework, where one can(More)
With the increasing demand and the wide application of high performance commodity multi-core processors, both the quantity and scale of data centers grow dramatically and they bring heavy energy consumption. Researchers and engineers have applied much effort to reducing hardware energy consumption, but software is the true consumer of power and another key(More)
Currently, with the evolution of virtualization technology, cloud computing mode has become more and more popular. However, people still concern the issues of the runtime integrity and data security of cloud computing platform, as well as the service efficiency on such computing platform. At the same time, according to our knowledge, the design theory of(More)
For a robot used to deliver optical fiber for communication, its center of mass and load change over time. This may affect the robot's obstacle-surmounting capability. In this paper, step-climbing performance of articulated tracks robots was discussed, regarding the maximum height of the step in term of the length of fiber releasing that the robot carries(More)
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The integrity of virtual storage has become a very important issue in the virtual computing environment (like Xen-based computing platform). Current integrity detection systems have some disadvantages, for example, they cannot protect themselves well or the dependence between the detection results and the target system is high. We refer to the problem as(More)
The stiffened rectangular plate was usually adopted in the blast airtight doors. In order to improve the buckling capacity of stiffened rectangular plate under uniform normal compression, the optimization model of stiffened rectangular plate was set up based on APDL and ANSYS commands, and the sequential linear programming method was executed to optimize(More)
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