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A scheme for multitarget identification and localization using bistatic MIMO radar systems is proposed. Multitarget can be distinguished by Capon method, as well as the targets angles with respect to transmitter and receiver can be synthesized using the received signals. Thus, the locations of the multiple targets are obtained and spatial synchronization(More)
In this paper, we were trying to optimize bondline thickness of sintered nanosilver on assembling high power laser diode modules (40 W). The shear strength and void ratio of the sintered joints were reported in this work. Cavity surface contamination was discussed in cases of different as-printed bondline thickness. The electro-optical properties of the(More)
This paper presents the design and demonstration of a new type of multichip 1200V/50A insulated-gate-bipolar-transistor (IGBT) module. A heating profile was proposed to sinter nanosilver paste for joining bare DBC substrates instead of DBC substrates with silver or gold metallization by an inline solder vacuum-reflowing furnace. The static and dynamic(More)
Firstly, the second term v of (4) in [1] is zero-mean complex Gaussian with v∼N c (0, σ 2 v I NM), where σ v = (1/ √ L)σ w. Also, the σ 2 w in (8) should be changed to σ 2 v. Secondly, if we have Q-independent pulses, the Fisher information matrix in (9) should be [2] J(ξ) = Qtr R −1 η (ξ) ∂R η (ξ) ∂ξ R −1 η (ξ) ∂R η (ξ) ∂ξ. (1) The corresponding formulas(More)
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is rising to prominence in wireless communication. Due to various advantages, the cellular networks, which are designed and optimized for Human-to-Human (H2H) communication, have been considered as one of the best choices to bear M2M service. However, because of the specific characteristics of M2M communication, there(More)
For the double-sided assembly, thermal stress is one of the key factors that affect the reliability of the assembly. Therefore, we need to reduce thermal stresses in the double-sided assembly by optimizing size and structure. In this study, we fabricated a kind of double-sided assembly using metal tubes instead of bonding wires because the metal tube could(More)
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