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Based on object-oriented technology, analyzes the basic information model and summarizes the method and procedure of intelligent electronic devices (IED) modeling, which is explained by a protective device, concludes the problems which have come up in the process of IEC61850 Application in China. The standard named IEC61850 relay protection engineering(More)
This paper presents an efficient visualization and exploration approach for modeling and characterizing the relationships and uncertainties in the context of a multidimensional ensemble dataset. Its core is a novel dissimilarity-preserving projection technique that characterizes not only the relationships among the mean values of the ensemble data objects(More)
Scatterplots are widely used to visualize scatter dataset for exploring outliers, clusters, local trends, and correlations. Depicting multi-class scattered points within a single scatterplot view, however, may suffer from heavy overdraw, making it inefficient for data analysis. This paper presents a new visual abstraction scheme that employs a hierarchical(More)
Current energy-saving color design approaches can be classified into two categories, namely, context-aware dimming and color remapping. The former darkens individual regions with respect to the user interactions, and the latter replaces the color set with a new color set that yields lower energy consumption. Both schemes have drawbacks: color dimming tends(More)
A novel SIW SPDT switch based on switchable HMSIW unit was proposed in this work. The concept of switchable HMSIW units with shorted and opened stubs were studied, investigated and compared, bandwidth enhancement method for switchable units was proposed and demonstrated. Based on these switchable units, HMSIW/SIW-based SPDT switch were designed, fabricated(More)
One S-band high-power GaN-based power amplifier (PA) is investigated. The design of the multi-stage PA and the biasing circuit are investigated seperately, including the two stages of power amplifiers which delivers about 50dBm of saturated output power in class AB from 2.7 to 2.9 GHz and the bias control channel which provides special bias and power(More)
DataV.js is an open source Javascript library based on D3.js and Rafael.js. It allows people with no programming knowledge to visualize their data freely. It is now applied in some websites such as Ali-pay.com and Taobao Index. I am one of the algorithm designers and the programmers. I designed and implemented some core components, such as the chord and the(More)