Haidong Chen

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When Aedes albopictus larvae were infected with C6/36 densovirus (C6/36DNV), the mortality reached 97.46% within 21 days for those larvae infected at the first day after hatching, and 14.17% for control. A real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) was used to trace the dynamic change of the quantity of C6/36DNV genomes in the larvae and the(More)
BACKGROUND, AIMS AND SCOPE Vallisneria spiralis Linn., a common submerged macrophyte, is widely available in quiet waters of lakes, ponds, marshes and streams in Southeast Asia. V. spiralis plays a significant role not only in decreasing eutrophication of water body for its productivity, but also in inhibiting the growth of blue-green algae? The aim of the(More)
Current energy-saving color design approaches can be classified into two categories, namely, context-aware dimming and color remapping. The former darkens individual regions with respect to the user interactions, and the latter replaces the color set with a new color set that yields lower energy consumption. Both schemes have drawbacks: color dimming tends(More)
Based on object-oriented technology, analyzes the basic information model and summarizes the method and procedure of intelligent electronic devices (IED) modeling, which is explained by a protective device, concludes the problems which have come up in the process of IEC61850 Application in China. The standard named IEC61850 relay protection engineering(More)
Scatterplots are widely used to visualize scatter dataset for exploring outliers, clusters, local trends, and correlations. Depicting multi-class scattered points within a single scatterplot view, however, may suffer from heavy overdraw, making it inefficient for data analysis. This paper presents a new visual abstraction scheme that employs a hierarchical(More)
This paper presents an efficient visualization and exploration approach for modeling and characterizing the relationships and uncertainties in the context of a multidimensional ensemble dataset. Its core is a novel dissimilarity-preserving projection technique that characterizes not only the relationships among the mean values of the ensemble data objects(More)
The adsorption of heavy metal ions (Cu2+ and Pb2+) onto organobentonite modified by 4'-methylbenzo-15-crown-5 (MB15C5) from bentonite compared with natural bentonite (N-Bentonite) is described in this paper. The kinetic parameters of the models are calculated and discussed, and closely fitted a pseudo-second-order model in all cases. For bentonite modified(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the characteristics, classification, treatment methods, and clinical outcomes of the spoke heel injuries in children. METHODS From June 2001 to June 2008, 289 children with bicycle or motorcycle spoke heel injuries were treated, including 179 males and 110 females aged 2-12 years old (average 3.9 years old). There were 179 cases of(More)
Visualizing multivariate volume data is useful when the user wants to inspect the correlational distributions of multiple variables in a spatial field. Existing solutions commonly rely on color blending or weaving techniques to show multiple variables on a sampling point, probably causing heavy visual confusion. This paper presents an alternative solution(More)