Haider N. Hussain

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Curcumin is a well-established natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Up till now its potential in treatment of vaginal inflammation has not been evaluated. We are aiming at developing liposomal delivery system for curcumin targeting vaginal administration. Liposomes as nanosized phospholipid-based vesicles are expected to solubilize curcumin and(More)
This paper applies the technique of Granger Causality to determine the relationship between total government expenditures and total tax revenue using annual revised estimates. The analysis discovers a firm unidirectional effect from expenditure to revenue suggesting the preference of controlling the spending decisions to reduce the tax revenue-expenditure(More)
In the casting technology, defect free casting had been the primary goal since the inception of the technology. However in the present casting arena, emphasis on the precise and defect free casting has got greatly increased due to energy saving, environmental and economy considerations apart from the stringent product quality standard requirements. In order(More)
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