Haider Ismael Shahadi

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Steganography is an information hiding technique where secret message is embedded into unsuspicious cover signal. Measurement of good steganography algorithm includes security, capacity, robustness and imperceptibility. These measures are contradicted, therefore improving one, affects the others. In this paper, we propose a new high capacity audio(More)
This work is related to audio Stegnography and presents the statistical analysis of various quality measuring parameters of audio Stegnography, e.g. signal to noise ratio (SNR), peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) and mean square error (MSE), for different bit position substitution in an audio cover file in discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain.(More)
In this study, a novel and high embedding capacity audio steganography scheme based on Lifting Wavelet Transform (LWT) and adaptive embedding positions is proposed. Specifically, the message data is inserted in the imperceptible positions that chosen from the coefficients of detail sub-bands taking advantage of our proposed Weighted Block Matching (WBM).(More)
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