Haider A. Khan

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We present a framework for handwritten Bangla digit recognition using Sparse Representation Classifier. The classifier assumes that a test sample can be represented as a linear combination of the train samples from its native class. Hence, a test sample can be represented using a dictionary constructed from the train samples. The most sparse linear(More)
Cell segmentation in microscopic images is inherently challenging due to the embedded optical artifacts and the overlapping of cells. Proper segmentation can help for shape analysis, motion tracking and cell counting. We present a framework for cell segmentation and counting by detection of cell centroids in microscopic images. The method is specifically(More)
This piece synthesizes the development strategies of Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and draws some relevant lessons. Using a complex adaptive systems approach, strategic openness, a set of heterodox macroeconomic policies, creation of institutions for productive investment in both agriculture and industry, avoidance of severe inequalities and(More)
A simple, rapid and economical method has been proposed for the quantitative determination of parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl paraben) in different samples (food, cosmetics and water) based on isobutyl chloroformate (IBCF) derivatisation and preconcentration using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction in single step. Under optimum conditions,(More)
This study uses a dynamic multi-objective programming approach to establish a risk assessment model, and develops an iterative algorithm for the model solution. The results obtained show that the sum of the interactive utility value could determine whether or not the interactive relationship is characterized by independence among negotiators. In addition,(More)
Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is a simple yet robust texture descriptor that has been widely used in many computer vision applications including face recognition. In this paper, we exploit LBP for handwritten Bangla numeral recognition. We classify Bangla digits from their LBP histograms using K Nearest Neighbors (KNN) classifier. The performance of three(More)
  • Haider A. Khan, Davit Melikyan, Artur Tamazian, Juan Piñeiro Chousa
  • 2004
This paper presents a new empirical methodology for evaluation of the institutional system’s development in transition economies and the impact it has on economic performance. We have developed and used a methodology of estimation of an operational indicator of institutional system dynamics to observe the “institutional reformseconomic growth”(More)
3-Phenoxybenzoic acid (3-PBA) and 4-hydroxy-3-phenoxybenzoic acid (OH-PBA) are the two common metabolites for most pyrethroid insecticides. A rapid, sensitive, and eco-friendly method has been developed based on ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction (DLLME) coupled to large volume injection–gas chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry(More)
This paper analyses both global and regional approaches to solving problems of energy security and ecological imbalance by addressing specifically the problems of China’s energy security. China’s growing energy dependence has become a major concern for both economic and national security policymakers in that country. The ambitious goal of modernization of(More)