Haidawati Nasir

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Singular value decomposition (SVD) has been successfully used in image processing such as image compression, feature extraction and detection. The paper proposes the use of SVD to enhance super-resolution results. The proposed method converts the registered reference image into the SVD domain and then images' singular values are fused based on the fusion(More)
Accurate image registration is crucial for the effectiveness of super resolution. In super resolution, image registration is used to find the disparity between low resolution images. In this paper an image registration approach based on a combination of Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT), Belief Propagation (BP) and Random Sampling Consensus (RANSAC)(More)
Face Detection is an important step in any face recognition systems, for the purpose of localizing and extracting face region from the rest of the images. There are many techniques, which have been proposed from simple edge detection techniques to advance techniques such as utilizing pattern recognition approaches. This paper evaluates two methods of face(More)
This paper introduces a modified version of the k-Nearest Neighbor (kNN) classifier named Multiple Pulse k-Nearest Neighbor (MPkNN). MPkNN is developed by combining the special characteristic of the Pulse Active Width (PAW) technique with kNN. In this work, PAW and MPkNN have been used in a Malay electrocardiogram (ECG) based Class attendance system. A step(More)
Distance measurement is a quantitative tool to measure similarity or dissimilarity between two objects. A correct selection of distance measurement will enhance the performance of a biometric authentication system. In this paper, various types of distance measurement methods such as Euclidean distance, City block distance, Chebyshevdistance,(More)
We report here a case of lead poisoning in a 20 month old girl who presented with acute encephalopathy and status epilepticus. The major clues leading to the diagnosis were the occupational family history and dense lead lines on X-ray of the long bones. She showed evidence of neurological dysfunction in the initial phase, but she improved steadily,(More)
This paper introduce a new Bipolar Pulse Active (BPA) feature extraction technique implemented to electrocardiograms (ECG) for biometric authentication.. The BPA extracts information from ECG signals and decomposes them, using a series of harmonically related periodic triangular waveforms, into a finite set of Pulse Domain features. In this work, BPA is(More)
Crosswinds are one of the natural disasters that pose risks to high-profile vehicles especially on the highway. There are possibilities of fatal accidents when drivers and motorists failed to control their vehicles when this dangerous wind blows perpendicular to the vehicles. Even though, each area of the crosswinds is placed with crosswinds signs (i.e.(More)
Arm rehabilitation activities necessary to be continuously monitored in order to provide information of rehabilitation results to be examined by physical therapist. The determination of monitoring is to enhancing rehabilitation process. Moreover, a portable and simple home-based rehabilitation device can help patients to improve daily rehabilitation process(More)