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With the rapid development of Internet technology, information resources on the Internet become more abundant, but also bring some problems like diversity, heterogeneity, disorder, and redundancy. Given a brief expression like search keywords only, users' needs are ambiguous. Therefore, current technologies of search applications relying on direct keyword(More)
Search engine is a popular and beneficial tool to help people quickly find required information. However, some sequence information, such as “What should be prepared for applying visas”, “Where can apply visas” and “How long could get visas”, often can't be integrally got from traditional search engine. But this(More)
Soundness is a vital property of Interorganizational Logical Workflow Nets (ILWN) which can efficiently model cooperative systems. But even though each logical workflow net(LWN) is sound, soundness of arbitrary ILWN is hard to decide. This study analyzes the causes of leading to deadlocks of interface transitions and unboundedness of interface data places:(More)
Load balancing is an important technique for improving distributed system performance. It results in a better utilization of server resources and quick response time for user requests. In distributed database, it is crucial to take data popularity into account. It is known that servers storing popular data usually become hotspots, so using forecasting(More)
Along with the enormous amount of information service resources on the Internet, it is increasingly necessary to consider the urgent problems it has brought, such as diversity, heterogeneity, disorder, and redundancy. Existing service technologies like P2P, grid computing, Web service, and cloud computing, mainly focus on a certain type of service(More)
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