Haichao Zhu

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Manga, a Japanese word for comics, is a worldwide popular visual entertainment. Nowadays, electronic devices boost the fast development of motion manga for the purpose of visual richness and manga promotion. To convert static manga images into motion mangas, text balloons are usually animated individually for better story telling. This needs the artists to(More)
Artificial neural networks are relevant to solve large sample problems and the learning performance may not be good in small sample conditions. Inspired by applications of posterior probability, a new neural network learning method based on posterior probability (PPNN) is proposed to improve small data set learning accuracy in this paper. Together with the(More)
The ability to identify objects or region correspondences between consecutive frames of a given hand-drawn animation sequence is an indispensable tool for automating animation modification tasks such as sequence-wide recoloring or shape-editing of a specific animated character. Existing correspondence identification methods heavily rely on appearance(More)
In recent years, wireless video transmission attracts more and more attention from both academia and industry with the advancement of wireless communications and Internet technologies. However, by now, most studies focus on video transmission in static or low-speed mobile environment. To the best of our knowledge, the performance of video transmission in(More)
Mesh models can be extracted from medical imaging data. However some methods (e.g., CT) may suffer from severe artifacts (e.g., staircases, noises) in current clinical routine. As a consequence, haptic systems, when using these influenced mesh models, will become unstable. To tackle this problem, in this paper we propose an effective medical-oriented(More)
The nematode Trichinella pseudospiralis is an intracellular parasite of mammalian skeletal muscle cells and exists in a non-encapsulated form. Previous studies demonstrated that T. pseudospiralis could induce a lower host inflammatory response. Excretory-secretory (ES) proteins as the most important products of host-parasite interaction may play the main(More)
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