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  • Haibo Zhou, Zhanmin Lin, Kai Voges, Chiheng Ju, Zhenyu Gao, Laurens WJ Bosman +4 others
  • 2014
Due to the uniform cyto-architecture of the cerebellar cortex, its overall physiological characteristics have traditionally been considered to be homogeneous. In this study, we show in awake mice at rest that spiking activity of Purkinje cells, the sole output cells of the cerebellar cortex, differs between cerebellar modules and correlates with their(More)
BACKGROUND There is ample epidemiologic and toxicologic evidence that exposure to fine particulate matter (PM) air pollution [aerodynamic diameter < or = 2.5 microm (PM(2.5))], which derives primarily from combustion processes, can result in increased mortality and morbidity. There is less certainty as to the contribution of coarse PM (PM(2.5-10)), which(More)
—In this paper, risk-aware cooperative spectrum access schemes for cognitive radio networks (CRNs) with multiple channels are proposed, whereby multiple primary users (PUs) operating over different channels choose trustworthy secondary users (SUs) as relays to improve throughput, and in return SUs gain transmission opportunities. To study the multi-channel(More)
nation's preeminent professional statistical society, today announced that it has elected 53 of its members as Fellows of the Association. The recipients were recognized for their outstanding professional contributions to and leadership in the field of statistical science. The Fellows will receive their certificates at a ceremony on Tuesday, August 3, at(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiologic evidence links tobacco smoke and increased risk for influenza in humans, but the specific host defense pathways involved are unclear. OBJECTIVE We developed a model to examine influenza-induced innate immune responses in humans and test the hypothesis that exposure to cigarette smoke alters nasal inflammatory and antiviral(More)
This study examined the associations among sleep duration, insomnia, and behavioral problems in a sample of 1359 Chinese adolescents. Participants completed a self-administrated questionnaire that included questions on sleep duration and insomnia symptoms and the Youth Self-Report of Child Behavior Checklist. It was found that adolescents who complained of(More)
Local quasi-likelihood estimation is useful for nonparametric modeling in a widely-used exponential family of distributions, called generalized linear models. Yet, the technique cannot be directly applied to situations where a response variable is missing at random. Three local quasi-likelihood estimation techniques are introduced: the local(More)