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A novel approach based on the probabilistic latent semantic analysis model (pLSA) for automatic musical genre classification is proposed in this paper. Unlike traditional usage, the pLSA is used to model musical genre instead of single music signal in the proposed approach. First, an unsupervised clustering algorithm is utilized to group temporal segments(More)
Nearly one-quarter of all avian species is either threatened or nearly threatened. Of these, 73 species are currently being rescued from going extinct in wildlife sanctuaries. One of the previously most critically-endangered is the crested ibis, Nipponia nippon. Once widespread across North-East Asia, by 1981 only seven individuals from two breeding pairs(More)
In this paper, a novel adaptive bandwidth mean shift algorithm toward 2D object detection (ABMSOD) is proposed. It can not only identify whether an object of certain classes exists or not, but also get the scale and orientation besides position very fast. The feature histogram weighted by a kernel with adaptive bandwidth is used for representing the target(More)
In a digital media asset management system, TV program segmentation is a key step for the long videos recorded from television channels to be represented in the hierarchical structure. In this paper, a novel approach based on acoustic cues for automatic segmenting television stream into individual programs is proposed. This presented method is composed of(More)
To precisely segment Chinese characters in images and videos, we propose a novel recognition-based method in this paper. Our method consists of four steps: 1) Original text image is binarized to get a binary image; 2) Use a horizontal projection profile of the binary image to estimate the width of the bounding box of Chinese character; 3) Combined with(More)
In this paper, we proposed a novel approach for detecting cuts and dissolves based on the analysis of spatio-temporal slice obtained from videos. The approach consists of three parts: preprocessing, Hough transform and post-processing. In the part of pre-processing, a background image was obtained based on an assumption. And then mapped the background image(More)
In most of the existing shot boundary detection algorithms, the false/miss detection problem caused by motion is very serious. In this paper, firstly, we propose a new spatio-temporal slice called projected spatio-temporal slice (PSTS) that can effectively eliminate disturbance caused by motion. Then we present approaches for detecting camera cuts, fades(More)
Text extraction from images with complex backgrounds remains a challenging problem. Existing thresholding methods succeed in extracting text from images with simple or slowly varying backgrounds. However, when the backgrounds include sharply varying contours, some background pixels, which have similar intensities to the text, are classified to the text(More)