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BACKGROUND CD8+ T cells participate in airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) and allergic pulmonary inflammation that are characteristics of asthma. CXCL10 by binding to CXCR3 expressed preferentially on activated CD8+ T cells, attracts T cells homing to the lung. We studied the contribution and limitation of CXCR3 to AHR and airway inflammation induced by(More)
Traveling salesman problem is widely utilized as the typical issue for algorithm performance research because of its important engineering and theoretical value. An adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm is employed in resolving TSP for the purpose of ameliorating the temperature management problems in the original Metropolis algorithm. In order to get(More)
where α > 0, β ≥ 0, λ ≥ 0, f(V) is a polynomial with order n, and m is a nonnegative integer. If f(V) = 2kV + (3/2)V, α = 1, β = 0, and λ = 0, (1) becomes the CamassaHolm equation [1]. When f(V) = (3/2)V and λ = β = 0, (1) is turned into the hyperelastic rod wave equation [2]. Since the terms λ(V − V xx ) and βVV xx appear in the equation, here we call (1)(More)
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