Haibo Ma

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The per capita ecological footprint (EF) is one of the most widely recognized measures of environmental sustainability. It aims to quantify the Earth's biological resources required to support human activity. In this paper, we summarize relevant previous literature, and present five factors that influence per capita EF. These factors are: National gross(More)
Model reuse is a key issue to be resolved in parallel and distributed simulation at present. However, component models built by different domain experts usually have diversiform interfaces, couple tightly, and bind with simulation platforms closely. As a result, they are difficult to be reused across different simulation platforms and applications. To(More)
We observe the diffusion anisotropy difference between singlet and triplet excitons in organic crystals; that is, singlet and triplet excitons may have completely different spatial direction preference for diffusion. This phenomenon can be ascribed to the distinct dependence of different excitonic couplings (Coulomb Förster vs. exchange Dexter) existing in(More)
Octafluorocyclobutane, c-C4F8, and its derivatives are regarded as promising replacements of insulation gaseous SF6, which are currently widely used in electric equipment but suffer greatly from its greenhouse effect. Based on the recent finding that the dielectric and thermodynamics properties of insulating gases are greatly dependent on the molecule's(More)
The renormalized excitonic method [Hajj et al., Phys Rev B 2005, 72, 224412], in which the excited state of the whole system may be described as a linear combination of local excitations, has been implemented at ab initio level. Its performance is tested on the ionization potential and the energy gap between singlet ground state and lowest triplet for(More)
Dynamical simulations of polaron transport in conjugated polymers in the presence of an external time-dependent electric field have been performed within a combined extended Hubbard model (EHM) and Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) model. Nearly all relevant electron-phonon and electron-electron interactions are fully taken into account by solving the(More)