Haibo Li

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Traditional isolated monolingual name taggers tend to yield inconsistent results across two languages. In this paper, we propose two novel approaches to jointly and consistently extract names from parallel corpora. The first approach uses standard linear-chain Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) as the learning framework, incorporating cross-lingual features(More)
Suosuo grape (Vitis vinifer L) is traditionally used as a therapeutic agent for measles and hepatitis by the ethnic Uighurs. This work aimed to investigate the anti-HBV effect of total triterpene (VTT), total flavonoids (VTF) and total polysaccharides (VTP) from Suosuo grape, and their synergistic effects were also tested. The viral antigens of cellular(More)
Word Segmentation is usually considered an essential step for many Chinese and Japanese Natural Language Processing tasks, such as name tagging. This paper presents several new observations and analysis on the impact of word segmentation on name tagging; (1). Due to the limitation of current state-of-the-art Chinese word segmentation performance, a(More)
Autosomal dominant nonsyndromic hearing loss (ADNSHL/DFNA) is a highly genetically heterogeneous disorder. Hitherto only about 30 ADNSHL-causing genes have been identified and many unknown genes remain to be discovered. In this research, genome-wide linkage analysis mapped the disease locus to a 4.3 Mb region on chromosome 19q13 in SY-026, a five-generation(More)
Li Fraumeni syndrome (LFS) is a rare familial cancer predisposition syndrome with autosomal-dominant inheritance, occurring as frequently as one in 5,000-20,000 individuals. However, no LFS case has been reported from mainland China although it constitutes one quarter of population on earth. In this study, we identified, to our best knowledge, the first Li(More)
Hur kan eventföretag använda Facebooks ad manager för att optimera klickfrekvensen på sina Instagramannonser? Abstract Marketers have come to realise that an abundance of potential customers can be reached through Facebook advertising. Although a new player, Instagram is quickly catching up to Facebook's success with its native ads. Despite this, there is a(More)
This master thesis in media technology depicts the development on the smartphone market globally but with focus on Swedish users. It underlines the importance of performance and processing power of smartphones on the Swedish market. In this study, user priorities when choosing a new smartphone are examined as well as user habits and user experience. The(More)
Current web technology has brought us a scenario that information about a certain topic is widely dispersed in data from different domains and data modalities, such as texts and images from news and social media. Automatic extraction of the most informative and important multimedia summary (e.g. a ranked list of interconnected texts and images) from massive(More)
ESF provides the COST Office through an EC contract COST is supported by the EU RTD Framework Programme ii Preface The Workshop on Vision and Language 2014 (VL'14) took place in Dublin on 23rd July 2014, as part of COLING'14. It was the joint 3rd meeting of the EPSRC Network On Vision and Language and 1st technical meeting of the new European Network on(More)
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