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Traditional isolated monolingual name taggers tend to yield inconsistent results across two languages. In this paper, we propose two novel approaches to jointly and consistently extract names from parallel corpora. The first approach uses standard linear-chain Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) as the learning framework, incorporating cross-lingual features(More)
Facial video sequences are encoded at very low bi-trates through the use of principal component analysis. All facial emotions can be generated by blending six basic emotions. Principal components are used to model the basic facial mimic and encode facial video frames into a few parameters, which can be transmitted over low capacity networks. Hands-free(More)
Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) engines are used to adapt the media content to suite different environments. The adaptation decision for content used over wireless networks is heavily dependent on the bandwidth needs since the transmission cost over wireless networks is high. We customize lip video into lip animations and through tests we challenge the(More)
A full-frame compression technique for video sequences of faces, based on principal component analysis, is presented. Entire video frames are encoded to very low bi-trates and reconstructed with good accuracy. Principal component analysis is utilized to model the facial mimic in an Eigenspace. By using a camera construction where the user's face is almost(More)
Suosuo grape (Vitis vinifer L) is traditionally used as a therapeutic agent for measles and hepatitis by the ethnic Uighurs. This work aimed to investigate the anti-HBV effect of total triterpene (VTT), total flavonoids (VTF) and total polysaccharides (VTP) from Suosuo grape, and their synergistic effects were also tested. The viral antigens of cellular(More)
Word Segmentation is usually considered an essential step for many Chinese and Japanese Natural Language Processing tasks, such as name tagging. This paper presents several new observations and analysis on the impact of word segmentation on name tagging; (1). Due to the limitation of current state-of-the-art Chinese word segmentation performance, a(More)
Autosomal dominant nonsyndromic hearing loss (ADNSHL/DFNA) is a highly genetically heterogeneous disorder. Hitherto only about 30 ADNSHL-causing genes have been identified and many unknown genes remain to be discovered. In this research, genome-wide linkage analysis mapped the disease locus to a 4.3 Mb region on chromosome 19q13 in SY-026, a five-generation(More)
This paper describes the qualitative simulation modeling applied to a supply chain management. The main objective is to use complex system modeling methods to model the SCM (supply chain management) and then to determine the main parameters which have influence on the performance of the SCM. In this paper, the time series of the demand information from the(More)
The generation of random Voronoi grain-based models for DEM simulation is proposed in this investigation. Voronoi diagram has important applications in rock engineering and geological engineering. However, the application of 3D Voronoi models has been limited due to the difficulty of generating 3D Voronoi domains. Little research has been done on the(More)