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Many bootstrapping relation extraction systems processing large corpus or working on the Web have been proposed in the literature. These systems usually return a large amount of extracted relationship instances as an out-ofordered set. However, the returned result set often contains many irrelevant or weakly related instances. Ordering the extracted(More)
Approaches to shorten workflow execution time have been discussed in many area of computer engineering such as parallel and distributed systems, a computer circuit, and PERT chart for project management. To optimize workflow model structure of workflow, an approach with corresponding algorithms is proposed to cut timed critical path of workflow schema,(More)
Binary semantic relation extraction from Wikipedia is particularly useful for various NLP and Web applications. Currently frequent pattern miningbased methods and syntactic analysis-based methods are two types of leading methods for semantic relation extraction task. With a novel view on integrating syntactic analysis on Wikipedia text with redundancy(More)
To understand text contents better, many research efforts have been made exploring detection and classification of the semantic relation between a concept pair. As described herein, we present our study of a semantic relation classification task as a graph-based multi-view learning task: each intra-view graph is constructed with instances in the view; a(More)
Many tasks of information extraction or natural language processing have a property that the data naturally consist of several views—disjoint subsets of features. Specifically, a semantic relationship can be represented with some entity pairs or contexts surrounding the entity pairs. For example, the PersonBirthplace relation can be recognized from the(More)
This paper describes the qualitative simulation modeling applied to a supply chain management. The main objective is to use complex system modeling methods to model the SCM (supply chain management) and then to determine the main parameters which have influence on the performance of the SCM. In this paper, the time series of the demand information from the(More)
Flower Pollination algorithm (FPA) is a new nature-inspired algorithm, based on the characteristics of flowering plants. In this paper, a new hybrid optimization method called quantum-behaved flower pollination algorithm (QFPA) is proposed. The method combines the standard Flower Pollination algorithm (FPA) with the quantum-behaved search mechanism to(More)
In this paper, we propose a Relation Expansion framework, which uses a few seed sentences marked up with two entities to expand a set of sentences containing target relations. During the expansion process, label propagation algorithm is used to select the most confident entity pairs and context patterns. The label propagation algorithm is a graph based(More)
This master thesis in media technology depicts the development on the smartphone market globally but with focus on Swedish users. It underlines the importance of performance and processing power of smartphones on the Swedish market. In this study, user priorities when choosing a new smartphone are examined as well as user habits and user experience. The(More)