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Description: One of the more revolutionary parts of the MPEG–4 International Standard is the Face and Body Animation, or FBA: the specification for efficient coding of shape and animation of human faces and bodies. This specification is a result of collaboration of experts with different backgrounds ranging from image coding and compression to video(More)
This paper presents a review of promising techniques for very low bit-rate, below 64 kb/s, image sequence coding. Image sequence coding at such low rates will be a crucial technique in forthcoming visual services, e.g., visual information transmission and storage. A typical application is to transmit moving videophone scenes through the existing analog(More)
In this paper we investigate important issue for real-time video over wireless ad-hoc networks on different layers. Many error control methods for this approach use multiple streams and multipath routing. Thus the new proactive, link-state routing protocol have been developed, where the protocol finds the available route in the network and also it will not(More)
Boletus roseoflavus is described as a new species based on morphological and molecular studies of the type collection and additional materials. Boletus roseoflavus is morphologically distinct from other related species (B. regius, B. appendiculatus, and B. speciosus) by its light pink, pink, or rosy pileus, lemon yellow or golden yellow context, and lemon(More)
Tintinnids are planktonic ciliates that play an important role in marine ecosystem. According to their distribution in the world oceans, tintinnid genera were divided into several biogeographical types such as boreal, warm water, austral and neritic. Therefore, the oceanic tintinnid assemblage could be correspondingly divided into boreal assemblage, warm(More)
We present a hand-and-foot-based multimodal interaction approach for handheld devices. Our method combines input modalities (i.e., hand and foot) and provides a coordinated output to both modalities along with audio and video. Human foot gesture is detected and tracked using contour-based template detection (CTD) and Tracking-Learning-Detection (TLD)(More)
There is an increasing interest in creating pervasive games based on emerging interaction technologies. In order to develop touch-less, interactive and augmented reality games on vision-based wearable device, a touch-less motion interaction technology is designed and evaluated in this work. Users interact with the augmented reality games with dynamic(More)
There is an increasing interest in creating wearable device interaction technologies. Novel emerging user interface technologies (e.g. eye-ball tracking, speech recognition, gesture recognition, ECG, EEG and fusion of them) have the potential to significantly affect market share in PC, smartphones, tablets and latest wearable devices such as google glass.(More)
This study compared the effects of sevoflurane and propofol on the inflammatory response and pulmonary function of patients with lung cancer during the perioperative period. Forty patients who underwent a selective resection of the inferior lobe of the left lung were randomly divided into two groups, with one group anesthetized with sevoflurane and the(More)