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Mobile advertisement (ad for short) is a major financial pillar for developers to provide free mobile apps. However, it is frequently thwarted by ad fraud, where rogue code tricks <i>ad providers</i> by forging ad display or user clicks, or both. With the mobile ad market growing drastically (e.g., from $8.76 billion in 2012 to $17.96 billion in 2013), it(More)
Predicting attributes from face images in the wild is a challenging computer vision problem. To automatically describe face attributes from face containing images, traditionally one needs to cascade three technical blocks — face localization, facial descriptor construction, and attribute classification — in a pipeline. As a typical classification problem,(More)
This year the RPI-BLENDER team participated in the following four tasks: English Entity Linking, Regular Slot Filling, Temporal Slot Filling and Slot Filling Validation. The major improvement was made for Regular Slot Filling and Slot Filling validation. We developed a fresh system for both tasks. Our approach embraces detailed linguistic analysis and(More)