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This paper builds a multi-body dynamic model of an asymmetric variable sweep morphing aircraft and explores the idea of aircraft roll control by using asymmetric wing sweep angle change. This morphing aircraft is treated as a multi-body system because the large motion of wing segments makes the rigid-body approximation inadequate. Kane's method is used to(More)
This paper deals with the leader-following consensus problem for a class of multi-agent systems with nonlinear dynamics and directed communication topology. Two distributed adaptive nonlinear control laws are proposed based on the relative state information between neighboring agents, which solve the leader-following consensus problem and the inverse(More)
The design of an adaptive controller and stability analysis of the corresponding closed loop system are discussed for a class of SISO systems based on the characteristic model method. The obtained characteristic model is a second-order slow time-varying linear system with a compress mapping function for the system modeling error. The pole placement method(More)
This paper deals with the state feedback stabilization of Markov jump linear systems. Feedback synthesis procedure proposed in this paper is Markov mode independent (or partly dependent), which makes the method superior to many other works in that it could handle the situation of partial Markov mode observation. A numerical example is given the illustrate(More)
The paper studies the distributed optimization problem for a class of nonlinear multiagent systems in the presence of external disturbances. To solve the problem, we need to achieve the optimal multiagent consensus based on local cost function information and neighboring information and meanwhile to reject local disturbance signals modeled by an exogenous(More)