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This paper proposes a generic framework for monitoring continuous spatial queries over moving objects. The framework distinguishes itself from existing work by being the first to address the location update issue and to provide a common interface for monitoring mixed types of queries. Based on the notion of safe region, the client location update strategy(More)
—Query processing that preserves both the data privacy of the owner and the query privacy of the client is a new research problem. It shows increasing importance as cloud computing drives more businesses to outsource their data and querying services. However, most existing studies, including those on data outsourcing, address the data privacy and query(More)
— In location-based services, users with location-aware mobile devices are able to make queries about their surroundings anywhere and at any time. While this ubiquitous computing paradigm brings great convenience for information access, it also raises concerns over potential intrusion into user location privacy. To protect location privacy, one typical(More)
This article examines a new problem of <i>k</i>-anonymity with respect to a reference dataset in privacy-aware location data publishing: given a user dataset and a sensitive event dataset, we want to generalize the user dataset such that by joining it with the event dataset through location, each event is covered by at least <i>k</i> users. Existing(More)
Advances in wireless networks and positioning technologies (e.g., GPS) have enabled new data management applications that monitor moving objects. In such new applications, realtime data analysis such as clustering analysis is becoming one of the most important requirements. In this paper, we present the problem of clustering moving objects in spatial(More)
Location-based applications require a well-formed representation of spatial knowledge. Current location models can be classified into symbolic or geometric models. The former attempts to represent logical entities and their semantics , but requires a large amount of manual effort for describing them. On the other hand, the latter represents the geometric(More)