Haibo Ge

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CD14 is a receptor for lipopolysaccharide and plays an important role in innate immune against infections induced by microorganisms. A functional polymorphism in promoter region of CD14 gene, −159C/T, was extensively investigated with tuberculosis (TB) risk, but the association results were inconclusive. We performed a meta-analysis to synthesize(More)
Cobalt-catalysed sp(2) C-H bond functionalization has attracted considerable attention in recent years because of the low cost of cobalt complexes and interesting modes of action in the process. In comparison, much less efforts have been devoted to the sp(3) carbons. Here we report the cobalt-catalysed site-selective dehydrogenative cyclization of aliphatic(More)
  • Kelly E Desino, Ronald T Borchardt, Sue M Lunte, J Teruna, Mary Siahaan, Michaelis I Lou +29 others
This dissertation is dedicated to my daughter Lilly, may she grow up in a world where we don't have to watch loved ones suffer from diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer. 3 ABSTRACT The blood brain barrier is the body's natural defense system for limiting the brain's exposure to potentially harmful xenobiotics. This barrier exists between the blood of the(More)
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