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Recently the research on supervised term weighting has attracted growing attention in the field of Traditional Text Categorization (TTC) and Sentiment Analysis (SA). Despite their impressive achievements, we show that existing methods more or less suffer from the problem of over-weighting. Overlooked by prior studies, over-weighting is a new concept(More)
This paper considers Aspect-based Opinion Summarization (AOS) of reviews on particular products. To enable real applications, an AOS system needs to address two core sub-tasks, aspect extraction and sentiment classification. Most existing approaches to aspect extraction , which use linguistic analysis or topic modelling, are general across different(More)
Supervised term weighting could improve the performance of text categorization. A way proven to be effective is to give more weight to terms with more imbalanced distributions across categories. This paper shows that supervised term weighting should not just assign large weights to imbalanced terms, but should also control the trade-off between(More)
Recently, dropout has seen increasing use in deep learning. For deep convolutional neural networks, dropout is known to work well in fully-connected layers. However, its effect in pooling layers is still not clear. This paper demonstrates that max-pooling dropout is equivalent to randomly picking activation based on a multinomial distribution at training(More)
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