Haibin Yang

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A lthough alliance studies have generally favored an ambidextrous approach between exploration and exploitation, they tend to overlook a firm's characteristics, its industry constraints, or the dynamic network in which the firm is embedded. This study examines the ambidexterity hypothesis and its boundary conditions with a unique research method. We not(More)
—Detecting and resolving context inconsistency is critical to pervasive computing applications and infrastructures. Context inconsistency occurs when an application perceives contexts that breach predefined consistency constraints. This can drive an application to behave abnormally or even cause failure. Existing work commonly assumes the presence of a(More)
—Picocells are viewed as a promising option to provide high-data-rate services and improve coverage in wireless communication systems. As traffic load increases, picocells are deployed rapidly, which may cause an energy consumption explosion. Nowadays, base station (BS) sleeping technique becomes a hot topic to save energy in cellular systems. In this(More)
In this study we describe a comprehensive computational model of network dynamics (COM-NeD) and demonstrate how it may help us better understand and theorize the dynamics of strategic networks. Specifically, we model a population of firms characterized by idiosyncratic resource needs and productive capacities, while having to respond to the demands of(More)
Creep and shrinkage are such properties that will occur in concrete when they are under load and exposed to surrounding. Since this property will cause deformation which may decrease the design strength of the concrete, it is necessary to do have more knowledge on this phenomenon. So, we will study the effect of creep on 7 and 14 days of cured time of(More)
How does the nature of firms' alliance portfolio in terms of exploration versus exploitation affect perfor-mance? Building on prior research grounded in the resource-based view and the relational perspective, we expand firms' boundary to include their inter-firm relationships and their immediate environment, and develop an extended resource-based framework(More)
Typical dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) exhibit a severe reduction of power conversion efficiency when the cell size is increased. In order to cope with this issue, we have investigated the use of anodized TiO(2) nanotubes on Ti foil in combination with the standard TiO(2) nanoparticle paste coated anode structure. The presence of nanotubes in the anode(More)
Few scholars would dispute the argument that mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are different in China and the United States, but we know little about how they differ. This article reports one of the first studies that systematically compares and contrasts how M&As differ in these two countries. While prior research on M&As tends to emphasize economic and(More)
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