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Melon, Cucumis melo L. is an important vegetable crop worldwide. At present, there are phenomena of homonyms and synonyms present in the melon seed markets of China, which could cause variety authenticity issues influencing the process of melon breeding, production, marketing and other aspects. Molecular markers, especially microsatellites or simple(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) based content distribution systems have emerged as the main form for content distribution on the Internet, which can greatly reduce the distribution cost of content providers and improve the overall system scalability. However, the mismatch between the overlay and underlay networks causes large volume of redundant traffic, which(More)
Content distribution has become a major function of the Internet. However, the current Internet content distribution infrastructure is largely closed to end-to-end applications, making it challenging for the application community to utilize in-network storage resources. In this paper, we investigate a simple paradigm named SAILOR that introduces(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the blood which have detached from both the primary tumor and any metastases may be considered as a "liquid biopsy" and are expected to replace tumor biopsies in the monitoring of treatment response and determining patient prognosis. Here, we introduce a facile and efficient CTC detection material made of(More)
The synthesis, structure and reactivity of a new bipy thorium metallocene have been studied. The reduction of the thorium chloride metallocene [η(5)-1,3-(Me(3)C)(2)C(5)H(3)](2)ThCl(2) (1) with potassium graphite in the presence of 2,2'-bipyridine gives the purple bipy metallocene [η(5)-1,3-(Me(3)C)(2)C(5)H(3)](2)Th(bipy) (2) in good yield. Complex 2 has(More)
—For modern aircraft, the anti-skid braking system is one of the key airborne equipment and plays a very important role in safe takeoff and landing. Aircraft anti-skid braking system must prevent tires from slipping extremely on the track, and ensure aircraft landing safety and stability with maximum braking efficiency. Since aircraft anti-skid braking(More)
BACKGROUND With persistent inconsistencies in colorectal cancer (CRC) miRNAs expression data, it is crucial to shift toward inclusion of a "pre-laboratory" integrated analysis to expedite effective precision medicine and translational research. Aberrant expression of hsa-miRNA-195 (miR-195) which is distinguished as a clinically noteworthy miRNA has(More)
BACKGROUND MDM4 is the important negative regulator of the tumor suppressor protein p53, which is overexpressed in various human cancers. This study evaluates the MDM4 expression in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma (GTAC) at the mRNA and protein levels and examines relationships among MDM4 expression, clinicopathological features, and prognosis. (More)
Software-Defined Networking proposes to fundamentally change the current practice of network control. The two basic ideas are Centralized State Control and Uniform Device Abstraction, which support the Software-Defined promise. SDN has made significant progress. The opportunities of SDN in carrier access networks have been largely ignored by both industry(More)
Metachronous distant metastasis influences the postoperative survival of gastric adenocarcinoma patients with radical gastrectomy. We retrospectively reviewed 108 gastric adenocarcinoma patients with metachronous distant metastasis admitted to our hospital between January 2006 and December 2011. First, these patients were divided into two groups according(More)