Haibin Lv

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With the rapid development of urban smart transportation, automatic fare collection system becomes more and more important. The related device based on recognition system in the smart transportation is a key equipment of automatic fare ticket system. It is part of the automatic fare collection system and passenger interface. Because of the complexity of the(More)
With increasing demands for indoor GIS, indoor routing and analysis attracts attention from both GIS and architecture worlds. This paper aimes to provide executable methods in GIS softwares eg ArcGIS for indoor path generation and to explore the possibilities for further analysis. In this paper, two methods are proposed and impletmented: Mesh and TIN. The(More)
Smart transportation has a significantly impact on city management and city planning, which has received extensive attentions from academic and industrial communities. Different from omni-directional sensing system, as a directional sensing system, the multimedia-directional sensor network holds the special coverage scheme, which is usually used for smart(More)
In this paper the stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) effect in high-power fiber amplifiers seeded by the narrow-band filtered superfluorescent source (SFS) is firstly analyzed both theoretically and experimentally. Spectral models for the formation of the SFS and the spectral evolution in high-power fiber amplifiers seeded by filtered SFS are proposed. It is(More)
We demonstrate a direct diode-pumped all-fiber-integrated fiber laser based on master oscillator power amplifier configuration at 1080 nm, producing maximum output power of 3.15 kW with corresponding optical to optical efficiency of 75.1%. Further power scaling is pump-limited and theoretical analysis demonstrates that 4 kW output power can be further(More)
We present a new method of SBS suppression in fiber amplifier system by employing simultaneously phase and intensity modulation. In this way, a GHz narrow-linewidth polarization-maintaining (PM) all-fiber pulsed laser is obtained based on a master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration. The pulsed seed is generated from a single-frequency(More)