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In transplantation immunology, the ultimate goal is always to successfully and specifically induce immune tolerance of allografts. Tolerogenic dendritic cells (tol-DCs) with immunoregulatory functions have attracted much attention as they play important roles in inducing and maintaining immune tolerance. Here, we focused on tol-DCs that have the potential(More)
Ultraviolet-A (UVA, 320-380 nm) radiation is an oxidative stress that strongly induces heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1) expression in cultured human primary skin fibroblasts (FEK4). In this study, we show that NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) protein accumulates and HO-1 is strongly induced following UVA irradiation of FEK4 cells. Down-regulation of Nrf2 with specific(More)
Etheno-DNA adducts are biomarkers for assessing oxidative stress. In this study, the aim was to detect the level of etheno-DNA adducts and explore the relationship between the etheno-DNA adducts and genotoxicity biomarkers of the diesel engine exhaust (DEE)-exposed workers. We recruited 86 diesel engine testing workers with long-term exposure to DEE and 99(More)
One of the key tenets of tissue engineering is to develop scaffold materials with favorable biodegradability, surface properties, outstanding mechanical strength and controlled drug release property. In this study, we generated core-sheath nanofibers composed of poly (ɛ-caprolactone) (PCL) and silk fibroin (SF) blends via emulsion electrospinning.(More)
Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) causes immunosuppression in chickens. We investigated the molecular changes in chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEF) adapted IBDV by genomic sequencing. IBDV were serially passaged in CEF and chickens were infected with the IBDV obtained after different numbers of passages in CEF. Chicken infections showed that 16th, 20th,(More)
Damaged cartilage has poor self-healing ability and usually progresses to scar or fibrocartilaginous tissue, and finally degenerates to osteoarthritis (OA). Here we demonstrated that one of alternative isoforms of IGF-1, mechano growth factor (MGF) acted synergistically with transforming growth factor β3 (TGF-β3) embedded in silk fibroin scaffolds to induce(More)
Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) inhibit immune cell responsiveness, and especially of T lymphocytes. We showed that BMSCs markedly inhibited the proliferation and cytokine production by CD8(+) T cells by a cell-to-cell contact phenomenon and secretion of soluble factors. BMSCs down-regulate the expression of natural killer group 2, member D(More)
We present a study of the effects of simultaneous charge and spin frustration on the two-dimensional strongly correlated quarter-filled band on an anisotropic triangular lattice. Our conclusions are based on exact diagonalization studies that include electron-electron interactions as well as adiabatic electron-phonon coupling terms treated(More)
The study aimed to construct a risk prediction model for coronary artery disease (CAD) based on competing risk model among the elderly in Beijing and develop a user-friendly CAD risk score tool. We used competing risk model to evaluate the risk of developing a first CAD event. On the basis of the risk factors that were included in the competing risk model,(More)