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Obesity-induced kidney injury contributes to albuminuria, which is characterized by a progressive decline in renal function leading to glomerulosclerosis and renal fibrosis. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) modulate inflammation and fibrosis by degrading a variety of extracellular matrix and regulating the activities of effector proteins. Abnormal(More)
The study aimed to construct a risk prediction model for coronary artery disease (CAD) based on competing risk model among the elderly in Beijing and develop a user-friendly CAD risk score tool. We used competing risk model to evaluate the risk of developing a first CAD event. On the basis of the risk factors that were included in the competing risk model,(More)
Few risk scores have been specifically developed to identify individuals at high risk of type 2 diabetes in China. In the present study, we aimed to develop such risk scores, based on simple clinical variables. We studied a population-based cohort of 73,987 adults, aged 18 years and over. After 5.35 ± 1.59 years of follow-up, 4,726 participants (9.58%) in(More)
—Modeling human operator's dynamic plays a very important role in the manual closed-loop control system, and it is an active research area for several decades. Based on the characteristics of human brain and behaviour, a new kind of fractional order mathematical model for human operator in SISO systems is proposed. Compared with the traditional models based(More)
Structural reliability analysis under uncertainty is paid wide attention by engineers and scholars due to reflecting the structural characteristics and the bearing actual situation. The direct integration method, started from the definition of reliability theory, is easy to be understood, but there are still mathematics difficulties in the calculation of(More)
The Rab family GTPases regulate many major biological processes during tumor progression such as cell proliferation, cytoskeleton organization, cell movement, and invasion. The present study aims to examine the clinical significance, biological roles, and molecular mechanism of Rab11a in pancreatic cancer progression. We examined expression pattern of(More)