Haibin Dong

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In this paper, two transgenic wheat lines, PC27 and PC51, containing the maize PEPC gene and its wild-type (WT) were used as experimental material to study the effects of high temperature on their photosynthetic physiological characteristics and metabolome. The results showed that transgenic wheat lines had higher photosynthetic rate (P n) than WT under(More)
Nanoparticle (NP) structure, compositing and the nature of the NP-functionalized electrode interface have a strong influence upon electrochemical properties that are critical in applications such as sensing, photocatalysis and electrocatalysis. Existing methods to fabricate NP-functionalized electrodes do not allow or precise control over all these(More)
Lodging is one of the most important factors that reduce wheat grain yields. To improve lodging resistance, increasing the strength of wheat stems has been an important breeding objective. To assess the rate of genetic improvement of the character, 30 wheat accessions, varying from landraces to cultivars that have been widely grown in Henan Province, China(More)
Automated extraction of man-made objects such as buildings and roads using image analysis techniques for urban mapping and updating geographic information systems (GIS) databases has been an active research topic in photogrammetry and remote sensing community. Segmentation plays an important role in the process of digital image processing towards automatic(More)
High-resolution commercial imaging satellite such as IKONOS provides an important new data sources for urban mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) applications. This paper presents a fuzzy mathematical morphology method for automated extraction of urban road networks from IKONOS imagery. In this proposed method, the road networks in a complex(More)
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