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Phylogeography of the Large White-Bellied Rat Niviventer excelsior Suggests the Influence of Pleistocene Glaciations in the Hengduan Mountains
The Hengduan Mountains, situated in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau, have undergone dramatic geological and climatic changes over the Pleistocene epoch. Several studies have revealed that the
Complete mitochondrial genome of a new vole Proedromys liangshanensis (Rodentia: Cricetidae) and phylogenetic analysis with related species: Are there implications for the validity of the genus
It is suggested that Proedromys is an independent genus of equal rank to the genus Microtus, and this work carried out phylogenetic analyses based on complete mitochondrial genomic data using Bayesian, maximum parsimony, and maximum likelihood methods.
Complete mitochondrial genome of the Chinese oriental vole Eothenomys chinensis (Rodentia: Arvicolinae)
The Chinese oriental vole (Eothenomys chinensis) belongs to subfamily Arvicolinae, which is endemic to the mountains in southwest China, and has a number of features that make them ideal for evolutionary studies of speciation and the role of Quaternary glacial cycles on diversification.
Icaritin promotes tumor T‐cell infiltration and induces antitumor immunity in mice
It is shown that icaritin can effectively decrease tumor burden of murine B16F10 melanoma and MC38 colorectal tumors in a T‐cell dependent manner and the combination of anti‐PD‐1/CTLA‐4 and icar itin significantly enhances antitumor ability and increases the efficacy of either treatment alone.
Taxonomic position of Chinese voles of the tribe Arvicolini and the description of 2 new species from Xizang, China
Analysis of the taxonomic position of 22 species plus 2 unidentified taxa using mitochondrial DNA gene sequences and morphological data in China supports the recognition of Alexandromys, Lasiopodomys, Microtus, Neodon, ProedromYS, and Volemys as genera.
Phylogenetic position of the genus Proedromys (Arvicolinae, Rodentia): Evidence from nuclear and mitochondrial DNA
Bayesian inference and Maximum likelihood analyses based on a combined matrix indicated that Proedromys is not monophyletic as it is currently recognized.
Icaritin inhibits PD‐L1 expression by Targeting Protein IκB Kinase α
This is the first report that anticancer effects of Icaritin are mediated, at least in part, by impairing functions of IKK‐α, a prenylflavonoid derivative obtained from the Epimedium genus.
Mitochondrial DNA genetic variation and phylogeography of the recently described vole species Proedromys liangshanensis Liu, Sun, Zeng and Zhao, 2007 (Rodentia: Arvicolinae)
Analysis of the genetic diversity and phylogeographical structure of 42 P. liangshanensis populations revealed low genetic diversity, and a genetic divergence between the Jinyang and Meigu populations.
Morphology of digestive system of Bubo bubo Linnaeus
The morphological construction of digestive system of Bubo bubo Linnaeus has been observed preliminarily by naked eyes and dissecting microscope and is compared with that of Spilornis cheela, B uteo lagopus and Milvus migrans.