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This paper proposes a novel approach to automated design of security protocols using artificial immune algorithm based on cord calculs. Designing security protocol is notoriously difficult and error- prone. Artificial immune algorithm is a powerfully intelligent algorithm. The cord calculus is applied to the artificial immune algorithm to instruct the(More)
This paper proposes an approach of automated design of non-repudiation security protocols from the abstract level that uses logic-based rules. The search strategy adopts the genetic algorithm which is a meta-heuristic search method. During the searching process, some counter measures against flaws of security protocols are added to assess the candidate(More)
The challenges facing the rapid developments of highly integrated electronics, photonics, and microelectromechanical systems suggest that effective fabrication technologies are urgently needed to produce ordered structures using components with high performance potential. Inspired by the spontaneous organization of molecular units into ordered structures by(More)
  • HaiFeng Xue
  • 2009
The paper proposes a binding theory and security prerequisites proposition to authentication protocols. The binding theory constructs a formal theory model by which can quickly infer some security properties. Binding theory comes from the basic ideas that the key used in cryptographic protocols is the kernel component for the security protocols. Based on(More)
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